Measure with style

Draw to measure your world with style, ease and accuracy using your Apple Pencil and Measure Map Pro or Agro Measure Map Pro

Get your Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is the perfect tool for drawing polygons in Measure Map, get one now and enjoy the benefits of precision.

* Just for iPad Pro

Know our most advanced app

Measure areas and distances with laser sharp precision with our best app yet, Agro Measure Map Pro, that delivers the ultimate measuring experience with a unique overzoom feature and many other useful functions available for professional users.

Start the journey

Switch to Draw Mode, take out your Apple Pencil and start outlining the area you want on the map and discover how it feels to be more accurate and faster than ever just drawing.

Polygon Simplification

Keep it simple. Our new feature includes a smart algorithm that simplifies the drawn polygon by removing non-significant points along the path taking into account the current zoom level to maintain the drawing shape, accuracy and precision.


All the power

Get the most powerful combination in Measure Map history yet, by combining the Apple Pencil and Measure Map, measuring areas and perimeters has never been easier and faster.

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